Better base. Higher peaks. Typical for Sportlers Lodge.

You can now take advantage of the full BASEFIVE training offer at your sports hotel in Sölden. And as we know that the view of the peaks simply makes every workout a little bit better, we have equipped the open-air 400 m2 of our gym on two floors not only with the most modern equipment, but also with fabulous panoramic views. You will always know what you are exercising for. We prepare you for the single trails, the next ski tour and the slopes of Ötztal.

Our group training not only boosts your skills in the mountains, but also strengthens you for the urban jungle of everyday life. We push your mobility to the maximum and ensure stability that carries you through every situation in life - that is our mission to holistically increase the quality of movement. Experience it in one of three BASEFIVE gyms. Directly at your sports hotel in Sölden. Admission is already included for you!

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break limits,


Your gym in Sölden - Ötztal




Your personalized training adventure: BASEFIVE stands for an innovative training world that goes far beyond classic fitness centers. With highly motivated trainers and a holistic approach, we prepare you for all kinds of alpine adventures and help you stay in top shape also during everyday life. Let's increase your mobility and stability together and take the quality of movement to a new level. Sweat together and win together – is our motto. At BASEFIVE you exercise in a community that motivates and supports you. Our training groups are not too large so that you always get the attention you deserve.

biceps curls for the mountains,

squats for fitness

and a smile for the selfies.


your GOALS

Boost your workout with personal coaching by the expert BASEFIVE trainers available at your sports hotel in Sölden. Whether you want to define new muscles, boost your endurance for the next summit tour, get rid of annoying complaints or simply keep moving - we will take you to your personal fitness peak. At Sportlers in Sölden you will find the perfect support for your fitness goals. 


with great fun.

Teamwork and the fun factor are the focus of the BASEFIVE course programs here at Sportlers, your sports hotel in Sölden. Whether you are looking for better mobility, building muscle or burning fat more effectively – you will find exactly what you need in our varied training units. You determine the pace and intensity yourself. Get started and exercise at your own rhythm or together in a flow. With individual one-to-one coaching or energetic group training.

FIT brain,

strong body

Our training and therapy concept - which is based on the pillars of movement, nutrition, community, mindset and sports - combines sports science findings with medical knowhow and nutritional expertise. At Sportlers and BASEFIVE you will find the perfect mix of intensive training and sustainable relaxation.


3x in tirol


The gym at your sports hotel in Sölden is the third BASEFIVE location besides Innsbruck and Völs. Here you will find everything you need to strengthen your basic shape and top your peak performance: from free training to professional coaching. For all guests staying at Sportlers admission is already included. Are you holidaying in a different hotel and want to take advantage of the BASEFIVE training facilities? You can. Please find all details here.

At your sports hotel in Sölden you can use the top equipment in the open gym for your personal workout, as often, for as long and whenever you want. The training plan designed by BASEFIVE, which is available to you at the BASE at any time, provides inspiration. Ready to get ripped?


What you want,

when you want.


Good for muscles & joints.

Our BASEFIVE physiotherapists are the heroes for your muscles and joints. Acute pain, injuries or chronic complaints – we will get you back in the game and on the mountain.

The gym is open to you every day from morning to night - for training units whenever you need them. Get started now at Sportlers – your sports hotel in Sölden. You can find the daily training sessions here.


Sweat today &

shine tomorrow.


The inner values count.

Using InBody we measure your body composition and state of health. Discover how well your metabolism works and get individual, tailor-made advice from real professionals. BASEFIVE is the finishing touch to your fitness goals. What are you waiting for?

Take full advantage of our comprehensive fitness check-up including movement analysis and InBody measuring. Find out where your strengths lie and what weaknesses you can work on in order to take your game to the next level.


Get to know your body.


Book extras easily.

No hidden costs, just the best training offer. Access to premium fitness equipment and group workouts are already included! Do you want even more? Simply book your personal training unit or book a valuable fitness check-up.