Where legends dine: LA CUCINA.

La Cucina brings a breath of fresh air into Sölden’s restaurant scene and onto your plate: cuisine from the alpine meadow meets the best of Italian cooking art and your taste buds take off on a gourmet flight of fancy that takes you to the peaks of enjoyment far above the 3000 meter mark. A taste experience in which alpine spice is combined with Mediterranean zest for life. Summit conquerors and downhill enthusiasts raise a toast with the stunning mountain scenery as lovely backdrop.

The full La Cucina experience is available for you six days a week; on Wednesdays, the selection is a little smaller, and you can choose between our soups, salads, and pizzas.


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We are hunters and collectors of our region's finest, sustainable treasures and use them to prepare tasty dishes that celebrate biodiversity. With vegetables and herbs so fresh you can still taste the sun in which they ripened. Here, in our restaurant with mountain panorama galore in Sölden, you will get the taste of Ötztal's mountains straight on your plate, as well as Italian delicacies that are not easy to pronounce, but are all the easier to love. La Cucina is our declaration of love to what tastes good and makes you happy: premium ingredients from sustainable production, organic and with a large portion of love for our homeland.

There may also be one or two new friendships and insider tips from regular guests and locals. Does the natural beauty and mountain variety outside the window of our restaurant in Sölden leave you speechless? A Tirolean schnapps or a fine glass of wine will easily loosen your tongue again. Plant based? We applaud and serve you pure plant power and a sophisticated selection of dishes that do not contain any animal products - for you, for our earth, for a bit of heartiness on your plate.

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Where food becomes art and indulgence becomes a lifestyle. Your tasteful pleasure trip to Sölden.

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at la cucina

Caffè & Bar. Meet and Greet.

Where friendships are made.

Enjoy tasty cocktails, strong espresso and traditional Tirolean schnapps in our Caffè & Bar - a melting pot for sports enthusiasts, globetrotters and locals against the alpine panorama that will make your jaw drop. Where tips and secrets of Ötztal are exchanged over a drink and friendships, rope teams and bike partnerships are formed.

Vegetarian, Vegan, Enticing.

For you & the planet.

Our menu boasts a wealth of vegetarian dishes and a carefully selected choice of vegan specialties that set new standards in terms of taste and originality. A huge part of our meals is deliberately meat-free. Don't worry, our vegetarian and vegan dishes also contain healthy carbs and lots of protein for your perfect performance on the mountain.


So close to the mountains.

Enjoy a unique fusion of alpine regionality and Mediterranean flair in our restaurant at the heart of Ötztal. 100% taste. Handpicked ingredients. Real passion. Let us surprise you by carefully selected, local ingredients that appear in original and creative dishes. Our enthusiastic chefs will spoil you with culinary highlights using organically grown products and aromatic herbs that take you from the mountain panorama to the coastal breeze in no time.


Or: A Dream Comes True.

When hunger strikes late at night, our restaurant in Ötztal answers with a rescuing pizza - crispy, hot and authentic. Perfect after a long day in the mountains or a partying evening in Sölden. Our midnight pizza is worth every sin. For us, the best time is ... mhmmmidnight.

Opening time. Tasty time.

Enjoy until late evening.

From late afternoon to just before midnight: La Cucina enchants you with culinary creations from 4:30 pm to 10:30 pm. Early starter pizzas fly out of the oven from 4:30 pm, and the entire range of our menu is available to you from 5:30 pm to 9:45 pm. For late-night gourmands, we have our much-sought-after late night pizza on offer until 10:30 pm – let’s get the toppings!


Let yourself be surprised at scenic La Cucina by carefully selected, local ingredients that appear in original and creative dishes. Our enthusiastic chefs create culinary highlights using ecologically grown products and aromatic herbs that take you from the mountain panorama to the coastal breeze. Sounds tempting? Then reserve a place in our ristorante and satisfy your culinary longings.

BOOK YOUR TABLE: 0043 5254 30880 or very simply online!