Holidays are Holy Days.

It’s great that real mountain athletes and nature lovers like you don't have to think twice about where to go next winter or summer: there is the ultimate Sportlers Lodge Sölden. A brand-new, modern lifestyle hotel with urban charm. Here you can explore Sölden and scenic Ötztal from the most brilliant perspective: YOURS.


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Explore. Connect. Rise above.

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You will find alpine challenges and limitless freedom in the Ötztal mountains. People who want exactly the same thing come together at Sportlers in Sölden. Alpine heroines, freestyle acrobats and summit conquerors with whom you can simply laugh away the sore muscles at the bar in the evening. Life is simply too short for excuses. Sportlers also features an exclusive wellness parlor with saunas and steam bath, and a rooftop infinity pool for chilling out and counting alpine summits. And of course you will be the first heading out again tomorrow morning.

Book our energizing breakfast or treat yourself to a hearty Ötztal breakfast on a mountain hut - the choice is all yours at Sportlers Lodge Sölden. Would you rather hang out fancily with your new rope team at La Cucina while ascending to Ötztal’s heaven of indulgence, course by course, accompanied by a few glasses of fine wine? Or do you prefer to cuddle up in your incredibly cozy bed together with your love and set your phone to flight mode? Your decision!

Poached, sunny-side-up or tenderly liquid. Served with freshly baked bread, soft at the core with a crispy crust, delivered to your door by the baker we trust even before the first cock crows. Ötztal specialties, yoghurts, healthy muesli and fresh fruits. Plus freshly brewed coffee. Breakfast is optional with us. However, we make it difficult for you not to book it.


Our breakfast.

Leave everything behind.

Living room with bar.

Just put your feet up, enjoy a beer at the bar in the living room, talk to people while watching a movie, and make new friends along the way. Enjoying cool beats for perfect after-mountain vibes. Good thing the bar is open late ...

Our Sky Spa wellness area extends over three floors and offers uncovered or barely covered sauna and steam bath enjoyment against the misty mountain backdrop of the Ötztal Alps. With a 160 m2 infinity pool on the roof and massage options for a special feel-at-ease effect. Great. Even the ancient Romans would be jealous.

Sauna, wellness & infinity.

Relax in your birthday suit.

Surprise your loved one with a very special wellness experience at My Private Spa. Or your friends. For two, three or even six. Retreat to your very own bubble of wellness. Sweat in the sauna, breathe deeply in the steam bath and get your circulation going in the ice lounge. With indoor and outdoor areas. My Private Spa can also be booked for external guests. Use of the swimming pool is free of charge.

Quality time for all of you:

retreat at My Private Spa.

Humming and not buzzing.

E-bikes & E-scooter.

You will see them as soon as you arrive: our choice of e-city bikes and e-scooters. Get in the saddle and explore Ötztal with electric support. You decide how much power comes from you and how much from the electric engine. If you want to explore trails or downhill areas, we will be happy to tell you where you can rent suitable e-mountain bikes.

Here you can store your beloved bike and your perfectly waxed board or sharp-edged skis and also meet potential bike and ski touring partners. Equipped with sofas and seating for relaxation, table football as well as lounge sounds and stimulating beats that turn storage into a party.

Always well stowed away:

Our storage rooms.

For digital nomads:

Work hard. Mountain galore.

Right next to the living room, you open your notebook and get to work in a quiet, undisturbed atmosphere - or at least pretend to. Thanks to power sockets and mega-strong WiFi, you will never run out of battery or connection. Be inspired by the mountains and earn your beer at the bar next door.

When you flex your muscles, no eye will stay dry. You will be the reason why people on the slopes will be skiing into barriers. Thanks to our modern gym equipment containing weights for all muscle sizes and a lot more, you will become and remain your best self even on holiday. Our gym: 400 m2 in size, spread over two floors. 100 m2 of it outdoors. So you can marvel at the mountains you are training for.

Fit for 3000 meter peaks:

your muscle factory.

Your hosts:

Christian & Karoline Pult.

Perhaps you will render us a great favor by telling us about your mountain adventures. We - your hosts Christian and Karoline Pult - will be happy to tell you some of our well-kept secrets when it comes to holiday adventures. We love the sound of strapping ski bindings, burning calves and mud splashes on your face just as much as you do. That's why we came up with Sportlers: JUST FOR YOU.

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charm with

summit views


Pure nature and coziness in every corner. All this against the scenic backdrop of the Ötztal Alps. Beds so soft, you would probably never come out again if Sölden didn't have so much to offer. The furnishings mirror the mountains. Wood, natural materials, lots of sunlight and the incredible view outside – peaks, natural spectacles and boundless freedom. Our rooms are your base camp for alpine adventures, retreats and viewing platforms all in one. But they only become perfect with you as a guest. By the way: if you are into nature like we are (or want to treat yourself to an undisturbed bed-day for two … purr purr), you can choose the green option and forego room cleaning. 

mountains first

followed by


Sky Spa & Infinity Pool

Get out of the shirt that sticks to your chest, out of your ski boots and functional socks and into – nothing. Feel the ecstasy as the hot or ice-cold water splashes onto your hungry body. Watch the steam rise from your skin as you pour the herbal essences. Swim in the red-colored clouds reflected in the infinity pool – straight into sunset. At Sportlers Lodge Sölden you will find three floors of endless well-being. Offerig textile-free area and textile zone with breathtaking panoramas. For a special wellness experience, simply book My Private Spa for yourself and up to five other people. You can also book My Private Spa even if you are not staying at Sportlers. Free use of the swimming pool on top.


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Vegetables ripened under the Tirolean sun, kissed by the fire. Juicy steaks from naturally raised alpine cattle, seared. Cracking spice mills, finely grated herbs from the alpine meadows high above your holiday retreat. Alpine Kitchen needs no secrets. Only the best ingredients and sophisticated recipes, paired with the finest craftsmanship of our excellent kitchen team. Enjoy regional, seasonal, Mediterranean, Italian and alpine cuisine at La Cucina. In our restaurant or on the terrace with mountain views. In the company of the best wine or freshly tapped beers – and of course accompanied by your best mountain friends.

Are you a vegetarian? We think that’s really great. That's why a part of our dishes are prepared without meat. For the sake of you, the environment and the animals ❤

you love the


so do we.

Your hosts

You can easily do your own thing with us thanks to self-check-in, because all you have on your mind are mountain flanks and powder snow stashes. Or you can join the locals and get the tips first hand, for example from us: we are your host family Christian and Karoline Pult - passionate mountaineers, alpine tourers and mountain bikers, skiers and ski touring enthusiasts. That was the reason why we created Sportlers: a place where mountains, freedom, experience and adventure take center stage. We very much look forward to providing you with valuable insider tips and planning your next tour. .



Swim towards the red-colored clouds that

are reflected in our outdoor infinity pool –

straight into the sunset.

160 m² infinity indoor & outdoor rooftop pool.

At Sportlers Lodge Sölden you will find over 1,000 m² of wellness spread over three floors. Our Sky Spa welcomes you with a textile-free area and textile zone with breathtaking panoramas and an indoor and outdoor infinity pool. For that special extra in wellness, simply book My Private Spa for yourself and up to five other people. You can also even book the exclusive My Private Spa if you are not a guest at Sportlers. We also offer free use of the infinity pool. And if you are hungry and thirsty, then visit us at our bar or in the á-la-carte restaurant La Cucina which is blowing up (snow) dust in Sölden due to its extraordinary enjoyment and lifestyle concept, and will take your taste buds on a flight of fancy far beyond the three thousand meter mark.

more than

just a ROOM

in sölden.

Choose one of our three room categories in Sölden, hit that booking button and enjoy the unique lifestyle at Sportlers Lodge Sölden on a mountain holiday like never before. Relax in the living room with bar and help define the alpine lifestyle in Ötztal. Soak and sweat in the Sky Spa against the silhouette of Ötztal’s mighty peaks. Treat yourself to regional and seasonal cuisine with new mountain friends at La Cucina and make unforgettable plans for your next peak conquest.



with balcony

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appr. 30 m2

2 – 3 pax

In the 30 square meter UPPER FLOOR DOUBLE rooms with balcony you reside royally on the 4th and 5th floor and therefore on the top floors, where you are not only very close to the alpine sky of Ötztal, but also to the Sky Spa.



with balcony

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appr. 28 m2

2 – 3 pax

So you are part of the premium crowd? Or do you have one or two mountain enthusiasts with you and simply need a bit more space? The 28 square meter rooms in the PREMIUM DOUBLE with balcony category are available with either a super comfortable double bed or two single beds.



with balcony

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appr. 20 m2

1 – 2 pax

Only our rooms in the BASIC DOUBLE with balcony category are as alpine as the mountains themselves. On 20 smart square meters you have enough space for yourself, a female or male sporty companion of your choice and your equipment.

Welcome to Sölden.

Heartbeat of the Alps.


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